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Monday, June 6, 2011

Avast! Pro Antivirus Overview

With 100 million users all over the world, Avast! Antivirus has proven itself to become one of the more popular security programs available. Improvements to its interface this past year, along with a continued great feature-set make Avast! an awesome antivirus alternative.
Avast Pro Antivirus is now offering the latest features which can be worth taking into consideration, for example its heuristic scanning engine. This technology enables the application to offer proactive protection against malware that attempts to go through traditional virus scanners. Other extra features are classified as the Sandbox and code emulator. In addition, Avast Pro Antivirus has an automatic gaming mode to offer you an uninterrupted experience once you play games, wathc movies or give presentations completely screen mode. The program automatically disables all alerts and pop-up windows for yourself.
Installing Avast is a painless procedure that compares well against its free competitors like AVG, although–like those competitors–it’s much slower than installing paid programs like Trend micro review, Kaspersky, or Norton. Some components of note while in the installation that will arise later from the review: to totally avoid the new Windows 7 and Vista desktop gadget, or perhaps the new WebRep browser add-on, you have to choose the Custom install option and uncheck those here. Automatic installing these characteristics is frowned upon, although Avast provides a definite means for uninstalling them. It’s only not as simple as being a check box that gets its very own installation window, as you’re will need to wait with the Customize menu, that makes the auto-install form of surreptitious.

For users a novice to Avast, the sleek software is really a change that came by the end of 2009. The gray-and-orange color scheme stands apart well on the screen, plus the tab-based navigation on the left allows to navigate between features. Highlighted together with the familiar security colors of green for safe and red for dangerous, the Summary tab gives up-to-date information on shield status, auto-updates, virus definitions, this software version, and if the silent/gaming mode is on. There is also an unobtrusive ad urging you to upgrade to Avast Internet Security 6.
There are many disadvantages in Avast! Pro Antivirus – namely, its below average scanning performance, as well as an annoying audio voice-over which will force that you mute your speakers. But Avast! boasts a terrific interface including a range of features rarely affecting entry level commercial antivirus platforms. With solid effectiveness against viruses and modern features this year (namely AutoSandbox & SafeZone), Avast! 6.0 is amongst the best antivirus programs we’ve reviewed this holiday season, just behind NOD32 and Norton for pro version or Avira for free antivirus, and deserves serious consideration for all those buying new antivirus solution.
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